Artist: dred scott

Album: Prepared Piano

Release Date: 2011-12-06

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about the album

Prepared Piano is a studio record with unedited live performances. "The piano was altered using a wide variety of household items and left that way for four months. Some of the improvisations are from the first months where I was still learning how what I had done to the piano would effect it. And some are from the later months where I am more familiar with what notes will produce what sounds. This is not the first record of it's kind. I was influenced, of course, by John Cage's beautiful preludes and interludes. He only altered or 'prepared' a small section of the piano. I changed every single note, working on each one until that note was it's own universe. Then I'd move on to the next one." -Dred Scott

about the artist

Dred Scott grew up in St. Louis, but he honed his chops San Francisco Bay Area where he gained a reputation as an innovator as a leader of the ground-breaking jazz/hip-hop band Alphabet Soup. He has also recorded on nearly 40 albums with the likes of Don Byron, Anthony Braxton, John Adams, Cecil McBee, and Andrew Cyrille, and has performed with Levon Helm, Joe Henderson, Pete Seeger, Arlo Guthrie, Bob Weir, Ricky Lee Jones, Moby, the Berkeley Symphony (Kent Nagano) and many more. His trio, which includes his bassist of 12 years, Ben Rubin (aka Benny Cha Cha) and drumming phenom Tony Mason (Joan Osborne, Leo Nocentelli, Bo Diddley, Charlie Hunter Trio), recently made their first appearance at the venerated 2008 Newport Jazz Festival and will also be appearing in the feature film Once More, With Feeling, starring Linda Fiorentino and Chazz Palmenteri. Dred Scott has also collaborated with some of the Lower East Side's most sought-after acts, including Norah Jones, Richard Julian, Sasha Dobson, Bill McHenry, Jay Collins, Rene Risque and the Art Lovers, Mudville and many others.