Artist: Col. Bruce Hampton, Ret.

Album: Pharoah’s Kitchen

Release Date: 2014-03-25

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about the album

Col Bruce takes on the blues, at the suggestion of Grant Green, Jr. This ain't your father's blues, It's the blues of your grandfather and your future offspring in a meeting somewhere in the outer reaches of the universe. The Colonel has some wise words for us that we will spend a good deal of time deciphering. A hard edge, a voice of authority, all with a tinge of southern soul and the experience of a man who has lived 50 years in the music business. Hats off everyone.

about the artist

For 50 years Col. Bruce Hampton has been making music that challenges our sensibilities. From his early years in The Hampton Grease Band, to appearances on two classic Frank Zappa records, to legendary moments with the supergroup Aquarium Rescue Unit, Bruce has become a legend in his own time. His influence is pervasive and positive; scores of musicians speak of the man as a mentor and father figure, THE person that taight them the most about music. In the documentary film Basically Frightened, a who's who of the American music scene line up to sing his praises - Dave Matthews, Chuck Leavell, Mike Gordon, John Popper, Derek Trucks, and many more. A long time Atlanta native, Bruce has remained true to his local roots while his reach extends around the world. That Bruce Hampton would end up at Ropeadope after 50 years of making music is simple destiny. After all, he has appeared on Ropeadope releases in the past, most notably Mike Gordon's Inside In. There is a common perspective at work here - music as life. As the Colonel says 'Everyone knows one plus one is two, but what is one? There are no big commercial expectations here, just the simple need to get the music to the world and wait until it is understood.