Artist: Mike Nagoda

Album: Parliament

Release Date: 2014-05-06

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about the album

It is a dark, bleak, night. The air is wrought with tension and in the background, Parliament Hill burns to ashes in the night sky. Canada has been seized by martial law, betrayed by a group of corrupt politicians intent on solidifying their rule. Somewhere, in the midst of all this, a voice is heard, lamenting the trials and plights of a nation consumed by chaos. This brooding landscape sets the scene for Mike Nagoda's debut album, Parliament. Inspired by post apocalyptic science fiction, this album is Mike's answer to the genre that has intrigued many across the globe for years. Dissatisfied with leaving the chaos and despair solely to the Americans and the British, he figured it was high time to plunge his own country into madness.

about the artist

Unable to play guitar like most people because of his disability of Cerebral Palsy, Mike struggled for years to be able to play. Undeterred by those who said he’d never be able to do it and determined to find some way of expressing himself on the instrument he loved, it was the double slides that finally allowed Mike to express himself freely and realise his dream. Originally trained on Classical piano from the age of six, it was a struggle to even find a teacher who’d take him on. But in the end he persevered, learning both guitar and piano. Parliament is a melting pot for musical diversity, paying homage to both the great concept albums of the 1970s that inspired Mike growing up and the generations of Blues musicians who continue to inspire him today. Parliament is the culmination of years of struggle against adversity, representing not only Mike’s dedication to his craft but also his love of music.