Artist: Winston Byrd

Album: Once Upon A Time Called Right Now

Release Date: 2016-07-08

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about the artist

The great Duke Ellington once poignantly observed that jazz is a jealous mistress. It also appears that jazz has been a highly charismatic mistress as well, with apparently eternal seductive powers of captivating ongoing generations of her highly talented and dedicated musical disciples. One of the latest of these disciples of today's current fusion period in jazz can be found in the powerhouse trumpet wizardry of Winston Byrd. Inspired by former jazz trumpet greats as Dizzy Gillespie, Maynard Ferguson and others as early as in the seventh grade, Winston Byrd has already firmly established himself as a young rising force on the horizon in jazz to be reckoned with. This is simply attributed to after graduating from high school in 1991, instead of going on to New York University to study Clinical Psychology, Winston's personal belief in his talent made him boldly decide to devote his life to jazz. In so doing, Winston consummated his decision in paying his dues in the woodshed faithfully. Attracted to and fascinated by the art of playing high notes on the trumpet, Winston diligently practiced until he became capable of easily playing and articulating extreme ranges of high notes into the stratosphere on trumpet. Winston has also evolved into a multi-talented and well-rounded trumpeter, able to skillfully navigate in all musical styles from classical to popular to jazz and its many faceted improvisations.