Artist: Jim Stephens’ Full Tilt Boogie Band

Album: On Our Way To Forever

Release Date: 2016-06-24

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about the album

Jim Stephens' Full Tilt Boogie Band features Chuck Treece and occasionally Lucky Thompson on drums, Elliott Levin on tenor sax, Rah Sungee on bass, Scott Coulter (Get Happy) playing keys, Monique Canniere on violin and vocals, Greg Moore on guitar, and the co-lead vocals of Kinyon Lanier and Sarah Kane, an incredible soulful talent out of Philadelphia. Joe Jordan also regularly sits in with the band.

about the artist

Gradually formed between band members touring commitments and Philly's jazz jam circuit over the past decade and a half, Jim Stephens' Full Tilt Boogie Band blends a soulful and upbeat hybrid of jazz, funk, rhythm and blues, and gospel.

The band has joined The New Orleans Suspects, Big Sam's Funky Nation, Jazmine Sullivan, Kindred The Family Soul, Hezekiah, Bilal, Johnny Popcorn, Dice Raw, Jaguar Wright, McRad, Stereotytans, and countless others in concert. The diversity of the lineups which they have been a part of speaks to the accessibility and fan base of the band across musical genres.

The first "official" concert performance for the band was in March of 2010, when Jim Stephens, fresh back in Philadelphia from New Orleans and The Gulf Coast, through his newly formed 501(c)(3)non-profit, Elite Rescue Recovery and Rebuilding (ER3), curated along with Fatin Dantzler of Kindred The Family Soul an all-star benefit concert for Haiti relief at World Cafe Live in Philadelphia. The lineup featured in addition to Kindred The Family Soul and Jim's Full Tilt Boogie Band, 11 time Grammy nominee Jazmine Sullivan, multiple Grammy nominee Eric Roberson, Hip Hop Legend Chubb Rock, Bilal, Kuf Knotz, Dice Raw of The Roots, Jean Baylor, Meek Millz, Hezekiah, Jaguar Wright, and several others.

Individually, the members of Jim Stephens' Full Tilt Boogie Band have performed, toured, and recorded with some of the most elite performers and musicians in the world.