Album: Offering

Release Date: 2009-11-02

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DERREK PHILLIPS' MANUFACTORY prides itself on pushing the envelope. Bending styles and tonality, members DERREK PHILLIPS (drums, percussion, glockenspiel, vocals), PAUL HORTON (Nord electro piano) and ADAM AGATI (guitar) come together to create music that demands attention from both heart and mind.

The name is simply the merging of MANUFACTURE and FACTORY. In a sense, this is homage to the American workforce of yesteryear when the United States was self sufficient in nearly every industry. In the way we approach the music, it is mainly constructed right before the audience's eyes and ears. We turn the stage into a conveyor belt, passing parts along to one another, adding to each one to make a complete product."

The merging of the name also implies the merging of genres and responsibilities. When you hear a MANUFACTORY song, you detect electronica, pop, drum-n-bass, hip hop, hard rock, R&B, classical, world music and jazz. The jazz, in particular, is brought out in a very refreshing way. The group's goal is to do away with extended solos on repeated vamps or chord progressions, but instead improvise the composition itself as well as create textures and moods. Conversely, a pop approach is used quite often, with fixed arrangements and lyrics.

After only a brief time together, Manufactory has mesmerized crowds with their inventive approach, high tuned skills, and improvisation. On any given night, you will hear nods to DJ Shadow, Sigur Ros, Stevie Wonder, Soundgarden, De La Soul and more.

about the artist