Album: No Consequence

Release Date: 2008-11-18

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Burlington Vermont has produced one or two great bands, but really none as forward thinking and beautiful as Japhy Ryder. i caught wind of them opening up for the roots (link) and was so blown away that i didn't even bother sticking around to see the main act. tortoise meets explosions in the sky meets the Chicago underground trio meets a total stranger in the alley with a knife, but the stranger doesn't want to kill you, she is forcing you to listen. and you do. and you hear breathtaking planes of atmospheric space, onslaughts of powerhouse rock, or heavy driving rhythms, a tight, unified voice. With a hard hitting rhythm section, riff heavy guitar, and ethereal trumpet, the group is continually bridging genres (think dub/afrobeat/jazz/hip-hop/rock) and surprising audiences (think "OMG, they sparked my crotch!"). no secret here, these guys have rocked clubs throughout the northeastern United States, playing over 150 shows a year, and now they are coming to get you.

about the artist