Album: Night on Leghorn

Release Date: 2009-01-13

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RED CAT IN THE DOGHOUSE:: From Rome (that's in Italy, not new jersey!) a red cat in the dog house is a 10 year old project in the making that revolves around one (Italian) dude named Aido who roamed Rome (when in Rome!) as a guitarist for hire.

The Beginings began as Aido dabbled in rock, roll and love until he took a sip of the hip-hop cool-aid and got hooked. technology became a friend and Aido started honing his schools as a sound engineer (he's still the best knob turner in the country!) and turned his passion for the relations between modern Physic and Eastern Philosophies into a point of departure of space and time. with many (many!) projects that he's either produced, engineered or performed in as a musician (google the history!) ropeadope bumped into the red cat at the right time. as this latest masterpiece "A Red Cat In The DogHouse" documents the mad professor playing acoustic guitar, the electric one, sansula (a sort of mbira or kalimba, an African mallet), ney (an Arab flute), virtual synths and virtual Rhodes, drum sequences and sample editing. it's a modern day "famous to a few" sign of the times - art for artsake, and just another day in the life of our new favorite roman.

What is it? shit. you have to listen. it's music for sure. Maybe i'd put it under DJ/electronica if that was style a spot, but it's live musicians (Aido) and it's all mixed and scratched and sampled in some crazy "if DJ shadow could play instruments" kind of way.

Some closing words from the man himself "What else can I say? Well, whenever I start working on a new track I don't know exactly what it will be; simply I let it grow while I'm listening. I feel I want to be tuned with an inner part of myself that sometimes wants to dance. Maybe it is a limit, but the way I can change direction could let a wide! The next goal will be performing my songs on stage supported by a band; I'm working on it." For now, ladies and gentlemen of this new world order, we present to you a red cat in the doghouse.

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