Artist: New Standard Duo

Album: New Standard Duo

Release Date: 2017-01-13

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about the album

New Standard Duo is a hip, new take on the standard jazz duos of the yester-years. After years of playing together, New Standard Duo was officially named with this debut album.

Jazz Journalist/Historian Scott Yanow says, "Drummer Eric Binder and tenor-saxophonist Robert Brooks, both of whom are based in Illinois, have stretched the idea a bit on New Standard Duo. While their improvising has its freer moments, they also stick to the framework and rhythm of the songs. When one considers that there are no chordal or harmony instruments, the fact that listeners can tell where the two musicians are in each tune shows how successful the musicians are at making every sound count, implying the chords and filling in for the "missing" instruments."

about the artist

As a saxophone and drum duo, Robert Brooks (saxophone) and Eric Binder (Drums) specialize in exploring jazz standards in unique ways. Brooks and Binder began playing together as a duo at the University of Illinois while working on Doctoral degrees in Jazz Studies.