Artist: Takashi Tsuzuki

Album: Monophonic Multiphonic

Release Date: 2010-02-21

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about the album

His music background in Japan is unparalleled, being involved in commercial composition, advertising media, producer and lecturer at Nagoya Music Academy, but his true love was in creating his own music and sound. The debut album, for this talented man is monophonic multiphonic, and it is as you can guess a true work of art that the whole world needs to receive.

about the artist

From across the great Pacific we bring you Takashi Tsuzuki, a Japanese music guru. Takashi's work, incorporating jazz and electronics, gives the listener a glimpse into the different genres done with perfection. He started his music career as a recording artist, eventually extending his sphere of activity to advertising media. He has composed, arranged and produced many commercials. Many of his TV commercial songs have become popular throughout Japan. In addition to these activities, he offers tracks to the musicians inside and outside of Japan. Takashi is also a lecturer at Nagoya Music Academy.