Artist: Frank Catalano

Album: Love Supreme Collective

Release Date: 2014-07-29

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about the album

Love Supreme Collective is the Ropeadope debut by Billboard Chart-topping saxophonist Frank Catalano and Smashing Pumpkins drummer Jimmy Chamberlin. This inspired album has its genesis in difficult circumstances. In 2011, Catalano sustained serious injuries after his car was hit by a drunk driver. He cites John Coltrane's A Love Supreme as the spiritual anchor during his difficult recovery. Catalano wanted to make a recording that embodied the love, thanks, and praise of A Love Supreme without copying it.
In a recent interview, Chamberlin said, 'I have been a friend and fan of Catalano's for years and I am very excited about this recording.' The Catalano/Chamberlin collaboration has enabled Chamberlin to reconnect with his jazz roots. Fans of Chamberlin's drumming will be delighted to hear him in this new context, as he demonstrates a new range of depth in his playing.
For this project, Chamberlin enlisted his keyboardist from the Jimmy Chamberlin Complex, Adam Benjamin (Kneebody), and Catalano rounded up PolCat members Percy Jones (Brand X, Soft Machine) and Chris Poland (Megadeth) for the bass and guitar work, respectively.
Catalano was fortunate to have worked with A Love Supreme's legendary drummer, Elvin Jones, who Chamberlin cites as one of his biggest influences. As such, the passion felt for the material on this recording is easily apparent. 'I had the opportunity to experiment with semi-tones and tetrachords often found in Armenian folk songs.' Catalano said about this album 'I was able to let loose thanks to Jimmy and Percy's amazing foundation and groove. I feel sooooooooooo blessed and fortunate and I want to thank everyone who is reading these words and checking out the music!'

about the artist

Frank Catalano is the only known saxman to have performed with Miles Davis, Randy Brecker, Charles Earland, Elvin Jones, Stan Getz, Betty Carter, Von Freeman, Tito Puente, Tony Bennett, Les Claypool and Louis Bellson while still in high school! This led to his signing to Delmark Records at age 18 and a string of critically acclaimed recordings. Catalano has appeared on three Grammy-winning and 11 Grammy-nominated recordings with artists such as Jennifer Lopez, Destiny's Child, and John Legend. He recently performed live on the Oprah Winfrey TV show with singer/composer Seal. No stranger to adversity, Frank lost his right middle finger in an automobile accident. After several surgeries and tremendous effort, Catalano relearned his signature technique and is touring consistently.