Album: Love

Release Date: 2009-10-30

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The Spinning Leaves are a glowing experience, steeped in traditional American music, sweetened with psychedelic folk and a garnish of New Weird America. LOVE is a winding tapestry that envelopes the listener, taking you on a journey through a world that at first glance could have been, but by record's end truly can be. Our guides are Michael Baker, whose Kentucky heritage is not only evident but absolutely authentic - and Barbara Gettes - a Pennsylvania native whose voice is simultaneously suggestive and comforting.

Michael and Barbara present their vision of Love (with a capital L) for all the world to hear. LOVE presents powerfully real, insightful landscapes of people, dreams, and emotions. Swirling choirs of harmonies, bent harmonica, lazy horn sections, sitar and oud, wooden pump organ, and children's voices, all perfectly placed.

'How do you explain "loose but tight" or " melodically funky" ? You don't - you just point to The Spinning Leaves, a fresh new band from Philly that I find indescribably delicious.'
Gene Shay / WXPN
'Spinning Leaves has proven to be an unmistakable part of the new folk phenomenon in Philadelphia and beyond. Their sound, for one, is a whistle at the start of a great sprint, the bell of human musical freedom: spurts of gang vocals, slide guitars, dulcimers, and foot stomps over America melodies. And still, Spinning Leaves, the force, transcends the sound. They connect with artists, organizations and individuals to create movement in the Philadelphia musical landscape--nearly anywhere you hear of innovative artistic activity, you hear this name in association.'
Levi Landis / Philadelphia Folksong Society
'The Spinning Leaves are a fantastically talented duo that play acoustic music with flair and warmth and vibrancy. This ain't your old folk. It's new folk steeped in tradition for the modern world'
Bruce Warren / WXPN Philadelphia

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