Album: Life Under The Chemtrails

Release Date: 2010-10-19

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On this release the red cat plays guitars, samples, virtual synths, virtual rhodes, virtual Hammond, works with signal programming and processing. On "Home Grown" and "Dub Grown" the vocals are by Young Neat, a singer/producer from New Jersey. We met on MySpace and shortly after started this collaboration. On "Deep Water" the vocals are by Asho, an italian actor (theatre and TV) and a friend. Due to the fact that his father is from Iran, he sang using an invented kind of Farsi (a Persian based language). There are also some phrases in Italian. On the "B-Movie Funky Star" saga I sampled and edited some recordings I made years ago of my friends from the Hot Funk Society, a powerful trio comprised of guitar, Hammond and drums. Here I play the main guitar and the main Hammond (virtual). I put "Life Under The Chemtrails" as the title because many times we don't know exactly what's happening all around (and above) us. We can choose to believe what the headlines say, otherwise we can search for a deeper truth. I believe these are dark ages and we gotta stay on the line, especially concerning our right for free information. I don't know for sure what these damned chemtrails are... yet. But I know what I see almost everyday looking at the sky, and I don't like it.

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