Album: Lady

Release Date: 2010-10-05

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"To the Heights" is a blues-infused torch song, with a rock and roll backbone, ebbing and flowing with intensity. Foust's commanding belt, along with Zook's violent bowing bring you in with a sense of urgency. According to Kate, "The song came to me at a time when I was at a very low low, it was the result of a very tiny idea of love in the back of my head. It's almost and invitation to be proven wrong."

Followed by this invitation is the heady and ephemeral, "Axe." It's dream-like quality bounces on an almost train-like beat, traveling through cascading strings and and lingering piano. "People often ask me what this song means, what it's about. It's one of the few songs here I honestly cannot give a sufficient answer. It fell into my lap and these images swept across my mind's eye. The main idea was to cut through the haze of these things, like an axe."

Not ready to drift off into dreamland quite yet, Lady shifts to a whole new territory. The third song on the EP, "of course," is a gently funky, almost surf rock, tune that echoes Foust's sentiments towards the many gentlemen callers who happen to think they can impress her with a song or two. "You know, I just got sick and tired of the same old thing. I work with musicians all of the time, most of them gentlemen... and I love them! But when it comes to courtship, some of them can't handle an equal and prefer to be worshiped. They create this drama in their lives to make themselves seem more interesting and they just want someone to watch and clap on the sidelines. Well, I can't be that person... no one should have to!"

Lady ends the EP with it's title track, "i think it's fine." This old-school R&B, no-nonsense song leaves a lot of room for sly commentary and sexy guitar licks and suggests a new kind of "religion" - one that the guys and gals of Lady are making up along the way.

Not a bad little nugget. The eponymous may very well go on to be a classic. Word around Philly is Kate's the next great voice of this great town. And that noise you hear as you read these words is the buzz buzz buzzing sound that comes out of folks mouths when they see this lead Lady live.

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