Artist: Tacuma Bradley’s Unity Band

Album: Joint Effort

Release Date: 2016-03-25

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about the album

The Unity Band cultivates sonic experiments that fuse elements of HIp-Hop, Jazz, Funk, and World music. The band seeks to blend good vibes and positive energy from anyone and anything within earshot. Using horns, drums, bass, keys, guitar, and the human voice, we blend rhythm and sound to create a space of openness so we (all people) can communicate on another level. A simpler level. Where a hip shake, or head nod, are signs of immersion into that space. Where you can be yourself with no hesitation. Where a smile can gain you access to all you need in this wondrous life.

about the artist

Tacuma Bradley was born and raised in the diverse culture of Brooklyn NY. His Japanese mother and African-American father were both pianists who met at the historic Jazz Mobile in New York City. Tacuma's musical education started with piano and trumpet, moving on to violin at the age of 9. At 19, Tacuma attended a class taught by renowned saxophonist Anthony Braxton, and his choice of instruments was set. Over the past decade, Tac has traveled as a musician and even a TV host of a music show. The first thing you see when you meet Tacuma Bradley is the big smile. He is a presence, because of the clear image of his multi-ethnicity and because of the radiant smile that reveals his profound love for art of all kinds, and for humanity and life itself. It is exactly this positive force that defines the mission and the style of Tacuma Bradley's Unity Band. Tacuma Bradley's Unity band is a rotating cast of seasoned players, including Daniel Levine on trumpet, Tavi Fields, Nick Sanders, and Will Slater.