Artist: Max Fisher

Album: Greatest Hits

Release Date: 2016-11-11

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about the album

"Greatest Hits" was made over the course of 12 years and includes many notable musicians including, Mino Cinelu, Stewart Myers, Brian Jones, Mark Goldenberg, Glenn McClellan, Jon Daddis, and more.

about the artist

Born in the former Soviet Union, Max Fisher emigrated to the United States at the age of four. Growing up in a proverbial musical household, Max was exposed to jazz, classical music, and of course rock. At age 10 Max had two seminal moments: viewing Apocalypse Now and hearing Muddy Waters for the first time. He picked up the guitar, played in bands as a teen, and naturally moved on to songwriting and performing original material.

Following in the footsteps of songwriters and mentors such as Willie Dixon and J.D. Souther, Max Fisher takes the road less traveled, popping into the scene and then disappearing for a while, only to return with stories of musical adventure and mission-driven experience. A natural teacher, Max regularly mentors - either with organizations like Big Brother or in direct connection to those in need of his worldly insights. His resume reveals an unusual path - from EMT volunteer to rifle instruction to jiu-jItsu, to recording sessions with Charlie Montague, living room jams with Memphis Gold, stage performances with Mino Cinelu and Ron Holloway, to being personal guitar/music teacher to Morgan Tuner, Samantha Gongol, and, of course, India Arie. Along the way he received a 2011 A.S.C.A.P. Writer's Award.

Max studied with Dizzy Gillespie's guitarist, Rodney Jones, and clearly has a mastery of his instrument. He has performed with India Arie, Jimmy Cliff, and many more. Max Fisher has performed in clubs in the US and Siberia, as well as at the Kennedy Center and the White House... and then there was that one time Max spent two weeks playing in the lobby of the El San Juan Hotel and Casino in Puerto Rico. And now, Max is preparing to unveil a full length album of his songs; the first single is ready for the airwaves on Friday April 29th 2016.