Artist: FunSlowRide

Album: FunSlowRide

Release Date: 2016-06-24

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about the album

In the first song, "The Green Doctor", the vocalist Joanna Teters sings "Take a Fun Slow Ride" and sets the tone of this record which deals with important topics - such as the legacy we will leave our children - in a light-hearted and pleasant way, using the theme of a leisurely and enjoyable ride that accompanies the listener throughout the album.

There are over 20 of the best musicians and singers of the new generation involved in the creation of a visual record which is difficult to label: you only have to close your eyes in order to see the music and the lyrics come to life. Lyrics which are carefully crafted and which are able to deal with important and universal themes with an incredible lightness. A collective work which brings together different voices allowing them to sing and speak at the same time, as if they were only one voice. It is an admission of the responsibility we all have as human beings, that of leaving an important legacy for future generations. The environment, ethics, responsibilities, a parent's love for their child, love between two human beings. Above all though, the love of music, which is the element that, above all others, forces us to explore our spirituality and permits us to affirm our identity, whilst remaining respectful and tolerant of others.

The extraordinary visual artist Felice Limosani ("Fragments" Art Basel-Miami, "Magnificent" Palazzo Vecchio-Florence; "Resort" Louvre-Paris) enriches the production with his 3D artwork and the original video clip for the single "Next". The production is also enhanced by the video clip for "Let the Children" by the young director Simone Calcagni, in collaboration with UNICEF.

about the artist

FunSlowRide (International Collective of Music Travellers) is a choral work, produced by GeGe Telesforo with the collaboration of Leo Sidran and is the result of two years of intensive work carried out in Brooklyn, Madison, Londonand the countryside north of Rome. Each of these locations is portrayed in the distinctive sound of this record: there is a sense of calm together with the sounds of nature but it is also possible to hear the noise and creative fervour which is typical of large cities such as London and New York.