Artist: Big Fun 3

Album: Funked

Release Date: 2015-06-15

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about the album

Just when you thought it was safe to listen to music, Big Fun 3 has come out with some new jams entitled 'Funked'. The jazz/funk improv trio is back in action. The tunes being as provocative as the sexy cover. Sultry, exotic, and funky as hell. Dance to the grooves. Once again Bruce Cohen on the Hammond organ ( and for the first time electric piano ) is joined by his compadres Peter Lucas on guitar and Tony Foster on drums and percussion. For these sessions special guest Michael Fraser has been added in the mix on acoustic and electric bass making Big Fun 3 even more funktified and adventurous than ever. The six tracks begin with the short ambient theme 'Intro) Ra' and ends with the epic twenty-one minute tribute to Miles, 'Tell You Later'.  In between is the scrapes and grooves of the solid funk of 'Zootie', the soulful jam of 'Malcolm Mooney', the percussion driven 'Less Said', and the slow sonic 'Bottled Spider', fans of the Bard will know where they got that title. So take a listen to the new Big Fun 3 because getting 'Funked' has never felt or sounded so good. 

Big Fun 3:
Bruce Cohen: Hammond Organ, electric piano and synths
Peter Lucas: Guitars
Tony Foster: Drums and percussion
Special guest 
Michael Fraser: Acoustic and electric bass

about the artist

Big Fun 3 is an improvisation jazz funk trio lead by Hammond organist Bruce Cohen. Formed in the subtropics of Miami, the trio looked to the classic Tony Williams Lifetime and Miles Davis' electric funk era as blueprints. Adding to the mix some King Crimson metal, BF3 has become a revolving entity with Bruce as the anchor.

The latest incarnation of Big Fun 3 has Peter Lucas playing long sustained electric guitar and Tony Foster pounding the grooves on drums and percussion. This version of the trio met and played on the second album 3.2 and continues on intact to this day. Their goal was to take the classic organ trio and turn it on it's ear. As they progressed they have become heavier and harder. Oh, and funkier.

One thing for sure, they have found a home with Ropeadope. Who knows what they will come up with next? But it's been Big Fun times 3.