Artist: Sr. Langosta

Album: El Experimento Caribeno

Release Date: 2017-02-24

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about the album

"Being our second album, we wanted to expand our musical horizons. Exploring a new, richer sound, with a wider instrumentation and well thought (fuller) arrangement. The rhythmic and improvised sections were all recorded live. Brass melodies and psychedelic sounds were recorded later using overdubbing. The music reflects such influences as Herbie Hancock (Maiden Voyage, Headhunters, and his Mwandishi era), Miles Davis, Hermeto Pascoal, Cortijo y Su Maquina del Tiempo, Luis Alberto Spinetta, and the funk/jazz sound from the 70s.

The concept regarding the naming of, "El Experimento Caribeno" stems from:

1. The creative process was an experiment in itself for the group in relation to the arrangement of the music, unfamiliar context of instruments, planning the recording sessions, and exploring textures throughout the process of overdubbing.

2. The cover art for the album is based on the history of Puerto Rico and Caribbean countries. There are images of the African, Indigenous, and European heritages. There is a direct reference to American scientist, Dr. Cornelius Rhodes, who performed experiments on the island."

about the artist

Sr. Langosta is the musical project from composer and guitar player Jorge Andres Ferreras. Taking the idea of jazz and mixing it with other musical styles; afro-caribbean influence rhythms, the psychedelia of rock, with funk grooves and instrumental improvisation.

Sr. Langosta was formed in 2013, with Gamaliel Santiago on drums and Manuel Rodriguez on electric bass. Under the musical direction of Ferreras, the group recorded their debut album at Casa Fantasmes in Santurce, Puerto Rico. The homonymous album was released in April 2014, getting a good reception from the public. Thanks to this, Sr. Langosta started playing around Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Panama; where they played couple of nights at Danilos Jazz Club, and gave a master class about their compositions with the Danilo Perez Foundation.
The band closed the year ranking at #7 for 2014's best independent music by Puerto Rico Indie. The following year of 2015 involved a media/promotional tour in Colombia and California, where they presented their work on various radio stations.

2016 was a very ambitious year for them as they recorded and produced the second album and expanded the group. They are joined by Alexandra Rivera on keyboards and Timothy Cooper on percussion and vibraphone, as well as a few other musicians. The new material has a fresh sound, with wider instrumentation and deeper arrangement.

Aside from working on the album, Sr. Langosta has been actively performing around Puerto Rico and in Mexico.