Artist: Jason Fraticelli

Album: Dream Diaries

Release Date: 2016-07-15

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about the album

All tolled, Dream Diaries is the kind of rock record that only a jazz musician could write. The kind that comes from a man who grew around a dad and uncle who were twin musicians and hippies from the 60's.

about the artist

Back in the mid 2000's, after coming off of the road with Matisyahu, Jason decided to create an outlet for his song writing that was a bit more lyrically based, and that utilized all of his musical attributes as being a composer, multi instrumentalist, song writer, and even at times a bit of a comedian. He started recording Dream Diaries and this became a collection of Jason's songs that he would write over the next several years and shows great influences from the likes of Frank Zappa, Ween, Bowie and the Beatles. On Dream Diaries, Jason is at times doing a Stevie Wonder approach by playing several of the instruments on each track. There is a layered vocal element that is inspired from his Dad and his uncle who were twins and singing together since they were 5 years old. This layered effect mimics Jason almost having a twin of his own to sing with. You will also hear some of the first music to ever feature Jason on the cuatro, a 10 string puerto rican guitar that was handed down to him from his grandfather. While living in Puerto Rico as a kid, his grandfather taught him the tradition of the instrument, and in the years that followed Jason began using it in his music with a more jazz and experimental rock like approach and treating it like a guitar. The Jason Fraticelli Band is combining every influence that Jason has had growing up from his musical upbringing with his family, to his jazz education through the american school system, to his experience playing alongside some of the best jazz musicians and artists that he has had the fortune of playing with.