Artist: Dirty Drummer

Album: Dirty’s Mobile Beat Shack

Release Date: 2009-04-19

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Dirty Drummer

about the artist

Dirty Dave (aka Charlotte NC based Dave Haire) is a dj/producer/musican/artist who finds inspiration from the last three decades of the last Century – Sixties rock, Seventies Funk and Nineties Hip Hop. The music he produces is a perfect storm of found samples, live drums and other instruments all with a hip-hop back backkbone, playing in the world of funk, soul, jazz, fusion, afro-beat and downtempo flavors. We at Ropeadope caught wind of Dirty Dave via his “Blakey Album” in 2004 which was his answer to the Jay-Z Black Album, putting Jay-Z's lyrics over beats comprised and inspired by Art Blakey & Jazz messengers. On the 4 year long project "Dirty's Mobile Beat Shack" Dave gets more than dirty as he let’s freedom ring from the highest mountain top of sampled LPs, and jack-nasty ripping drum beats which are played live on top with a cherry. Perfect soundtrack for Spring.