Artist: Jesse Fischer

Album: Day Dreamer

Release Date: 2015-09-25

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about the album

Following up the success of his previous offerings Homebrew (2011) and Retro Future (2012), as well as worldwide buzz created by his Head Hunters tribute project Vein Melter, Day Dreamer features a more intimate sound, focusing on acoustic piano, horns, and percussion, with splashes of vocals, violin, flute, and steel pan.

Rising star chanteuse Sarah Elizabeth Charles became Jesse’s muse on Day Dreamer, appearing on four tracks and co-writing one original song (“Refuge”). The record also features guest appearances from Blue Note recording artist Takuya Kuroda, violinist Zach Brock (Snarky Puppy), and alto saxophonist Godwin Louis (Esperanza Spalding).

Drawing from his love of 70's jazz and funk, yet speaking to his ethnic Jewish heritage, Jesse has crafted an intensely personal work that displays his most developed vision as a composer to date. Day Dreamer features eight new originals, a reimagining of a classic Minnie Riperton song (Lovin' You), and a solo piano interpretation of a traditional Jewish melody.

about the artist

For Brooklyn-based pianist/composer/producer Jesse Fischer, the simplest things are best - a catchy melody, a heartfelt lyric, an irresistible groove. Whether hitting airwaves and dancefloors worldwide with his jazzy house remixes of Gregory Porter's 'Liquid Spirit' or Takuya Kuroda's 'Afro Blues', collaborating with multi-instrumentalist and ClubCasa Chamber Orchestra-founder Sly5thAve on remixes of Herbie Hancock's 'Watermelon Man' and “'Chameleon', or headlining the legendary Blue Note Jazz Club with his own group, Jesse maintains his direct, less-is-more approach, with an emphasis on emotion. "Every song begins with a feeling or a story", Jesse explains. "Once we establish that, then we can get to the more technical aspects of the music". Jesse's music easily crosses boundaries between jazz, soul, pop, indie, electronic, and folk. But what draws his eclectic influences together is that Jesse always plays and creates from the heart. It's his passion for music and the moment, and ability to tap directly into the emotional content of every song that makes him such a sought-after producer, arranger, accompanist, and bandleader. Jesse studied music the old-fashioned way, in churches, barrooms, wedding halls, record stores, and living room jam sessions. Over the years, he’s been blessed with diverse performance opportunities. From backing up legendary hip-hop group Black Moon at the Rock The Bells festival, to playing a pick-up gig with Stevie Wonder at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce during President Obama's inauguration, to appearing with British crooner Engelbert Humperdinck - Jesse finds something to learn in every gig and jam session. A triple threat as musician, engineer, and producer, Jesse has recorded six albums as a bandleader with his own group, most recently the ObliqSound release Retro Future. His warm, soulful touch, and bold, spacious compositions have earned him three SoulTracks Award nominations and most recently was an Independent Music Award finalist. His music has been played by tastemakers such as the BBC's Gilles Peterson and KCRW's Anthony Valadez and Garth Trinidad, as well as appearing on television shows including 'Criminal Minds' (CBS), 'Franklin & Bash' (TNT), and 'Model City' (BET). He is currently working on his seventh album, Day Dreamer, as well as producing and engineering records from alto saxophonist Godwin Louis, trombonist Matthew Hartnett, singer songwriter May Cheung, and hip-hop band Exact Change Project. "Music is inherently a social activity", Jesse says, "but unfortunately that aspect is missing from much of today's music, both jazz and pop". To that end, Jesse works tirelessly to restore music's crucial role in society, by making his music personally connect with listeners, whether performing with his jazz group or through his producing and engineering. "Whatever I'm working on, my ultimate goal is to make you feel something", he explains.