Artist: Indigone Trio & Strings

Album: Cycles

Release Date: 2008-12-08

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about the album

This piece had a recurring presence from 2005-2006, and came to represent the cycles of life and of acceptance. There is an additional meaning - most of the music was conceived in my final year of university, and in French, undergraduate and graduate studies are sometimes referred to as cycles. It is dedicated to all those who, in their absence, continue to influence and inspire us.

about the artist

Indigone Trio was formed at Montreal's McGill University in 2003, and grew to be the compositional outlet for pianist David Ryshpan and bassist Alex Mallett, with Liam O'Neill on drums. In addition to original compositions, Indigone incorporated songs from artists as varied as Bjork to Ornette Coleman, Paul Simon to Djavan. They were the only Canadian student group invited to perform at the 2006 International Association of Jazz Education conference in New York. After being inspired by a senior year arranging assignment, Indigone gave a recital in March 2006 of music composed and arranged for the trio and string quartet; it was recorded by Andrew Mullin and was subsequently released as the Indigone Trio & Strings EP in December 2007. After the EP's warm reception from Ropeadope, eMusic editors and curious listeners, Ryshpan and Mallett took the group (with new drummer Philippe Melanson) into Montreal's Studio 270 to re-record the six tunes from the EP along with four new pieces - three by Ryshpan, one by Mallett - for their full-length album, Cycles. David and Phil are now in-demand freelance musicians in Montreal, and Alex has recently moved to New York City.