Artist: Akinola Sennon

Album: Cousoumeh

Release Date: 2016-09-02

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about the album

'Cousoumeh' is a period of becoming.

That moment when the stove's heat is lowered, the contents of the pot stirred one last time, the lid goes on and it is left to... well, cousoumeh. It is there that plural becomes singular, pieces become whole, the individual becomes the collective.

The etymology too represents that coming together - of languages and experiences; French and African, oppressor and oppressed, colonialism and independence. These fusions allow for the creation of a word that is 100% Trinidadian, like the steelpan. This instrument, the only created in the 21st Century, is in fact a representation of a people and their history. From the depths of oppression, rebellion, struggle, power imbalances emerges a story of uprising, triumph, hope and empowerment.

This instrument, single-handedly, tells the tale of the community and the masses while giving a voice to the most peculiar orator.

Meet Akinola Sennon.

about the artist

Akinola Sennon is a steelpan player and composer from Siparia, Trinidad.