Artist: Drive If You Must

Album: Circles

Release Date: 2009-09-14

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about the album

Circles, the first full length album was recorded Tues. Nov. 4th, into the morning of the 5th, riding a very positive tone as Barrack crushed McCain. The session has a very 'live' feel, and most of the acoustic tracks are straight up jams where bass, drums, sax, and voice were recorded simultaneously.

Always open to collaboration, DIYM found sonic contributions on Circles from the Moving Mosaic Samba Band, Psudoform, Man in Havana, and Adham Shaikh. The result is a genre bending mix of acoustic instruments, bleeps, bass, and undeniably catchy soul singing.

about the artist

DIYM is an electro/acoustic music project of Sarah McGlynn and Rich Rabnett. Born in Nelson, British Columbia in the Fall of 2006, the duo have been mining the depths of the electronic music scene in Nelson, and marrying these influences with their own background performing jazz and soul music.

The result is a made in the Kootenays sound that evolves beyond the static boundaries of contemporary electronic music. While performing jazz standards twice weekly in Nelson, Sarah and Rich found opportunity to write their own songs in Rich's basement. When bringing the project to life, the duo enlisted in the knowledge and talent of local heros, Kiyoshi Elkuf (Rabnett 5), and Jeff Steele (Sobiet Union), to crystalize the concept of electronic music that is characterized by catchy hooks and powerful vocals, but free from the repetition and looping that usually defines this style of music.