Artist: Bodega

Album: Bounce

Release Date: 2008-10-21

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about the album

"Making a studio album is a BIG task. The studio is a place where musicians and producers tend to be very meticulous to every last detail, but at the same time maintaining the creative environment necessary to make some really tight and polished music. This can also sometimes take away the off-the-cuff, organic live experience that people would gain from seeing a show. When we set out to record this album we wanted to capture just that, the "in the moment" live experience someone would get from seeing us at a show, but achieving the sonic experience and sound quality of a polished record. Just like we have been delivering for the past two years. Everything on the album was cut live in studio, played straight through (improvisations and all - no touch ups, most are in fact first or second take), and later ornamented from there. People have a craving for live music, music created in the moment, music created by the musicians from audience inspiration, music in which they are a part of the creation and experience, REAL music. Bounce! is our vision to unite those people, whether they are hip hop heads, beat freaks, jazz heads, ravers, old heads, rockers, festival travelers, and music lovers of every shape and background. From clubs, to festivals, dance halls, to house parties, warehouses, to hip hop shows, we'll be seein' you Bounce! out there." - Bodega

about the artist

Formed in the Spring of 2006, Bodega brought Nick Bockrath (guitar), Peter Madonna (guitar), Steve Lyons (upright/electric bass), Max Swan (saxophone), and Jeremy Worthington (drums/percussion) together with a shared vision of creating a group with an emphasis on danceable grooves, developed compositions, and room for improvisation. With influences ranging from Herbie Hancock, Fela Kuti, Weather Report, Talking Heads, Stereolab, Kurt Rosenwinkel, MMW, James Brown, Stevie Wonder, Livetronica and beyond, Bodega has always blended elements of funk, Philly soul, jazz, breakbeat, and afrobeat to make their infectious grooves. Bodega consistently keeps the bodies moving whether they are in an intimate jazz club, or a large festival setting. Despite their young age, the members of Bodega each have very accomplished individual musical resumes and have had their training and understanding in jazz, classical, popular and world music. Now signed with Ropeadope Records, Bodega is on to a new chapter in spreading their sound across the universe, into your ears, and on to your dance floor.