Artist: Kalen & The Sky Thieves

Album: Bluebird

Release Date: 2014-10-14

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about the album

Bluebird is the debut album from Brooklyn-based Kalen & the Sky Thieves. Produced and recorded by the band and John Davis at The Bunker Studio, Bluebird runs the gamut from modern alternative to old time rock and roll. The album serves to fulfill Kalen's dream of making a proper rock record, while providing a platform for her to exercise her considerable vocal talents. The band consists of Kalen's long-time Sky Thieves, Jay Giacomazzo (I, Revere) on bass, Will Hanza (Loop Grass) on guitar, and Wayan Zoey (Russ Kaplan +7), and the majority of the album was recorded live in the studio to enhance the raw power of people making music together with real instruments. Bluebird is a mix of songs from Kalen's solo pursuits re-imagined for a live band as well as newer arrangements conceived and developed by K&ST as a group.

about the artist

Kalen Lister has been writing music since her hands were big enough to work a piano. She's taken her songbook with her as she's traversed the majority of the American Northeast, and both have found some form of permanent home in Brooklyn, NY since 2004. The songs and their singer have operated in a variety of forms and functions until the dissolution of a band and the decision to put her own name on a marquee led Kalen to assemble the Sky Thieves in 2012. Jay Giacomazzo, Will Hanza, and Wayan Zoey met as musical competitors. Despite being bested by Will and Jay, Wayan sought to turn the opposition in to a coalition and the three began jamming together purely for the enjoyment of playing with like-minded people. Concurrently, Kalen had reached out to Wayan in regards to providing the rhythmic drive behind her performances. A fortunate side-effect of Wayan's tendency to overbook himself was the chance encounter between Kalen and the as-yet unnamed trio of instrumentalists. Following an abbreviated courtship, all four members of the band found themselves saying "It's not you, it's me" to their other long-term commitments so that the Sky Thieves could be born. Mixing disparate influences of jazz, folk, psychedelica and funk with the common denominator of old fashioned rock and roll, Kalen & the Sky Thieves have been bringing their magic to increasingly large audiences across the Northeast, at venues like The Mercury Lounge (NYC), DC9 (Washington, DC) and the Empire Ballroom (Portland, ME). They've just finished up work on their debut full-length, Bluebird, due for a Fall 2014 release and are looking forward to expanding their sphere of influence through touring in support of the album.