Artist: Big Fun 3

Album: Big Fun 3.2

Release Date: 2013-05-14

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about the album

The new Big Fun 3 project takes over where the first CD left off with new grooves and with new players. We call it Big Fun 3.2 to emphasize that this is not only the second album but also a new second version of the trio.The one constant is founder Bruce Cohen on Hammond Organ and mellotron. Joining Bruce are two new players Peter "Babe" Lucas on guitar and Tony Foster on drums to help realize his vision for this project. The improvisation is still there but with a more rock steady drum groove holding down the beat. Along with these scrapes and grooves which consist of a combination of live drums and loops is Babe's guitar sounding like Robert Fripp meets Pete Cosey with heavy sustained notes bringing some musical riffing to the new BF3. Bruce has always been an admirer of Miles Davis and this time he went for his 70's electric period for inspiration, along with some Larry Young organ fusion added to the mix. The production is harder, heavier than the first CD yet more melodic and musical at the same time. Sort of Bluenote meets Tony Willams Lifetime. It was a lot of Big Fun recording this latest incarnation.
Bruce is approaching Big Fun 3 as an on going continuous musical journey with rotating players depending on where the project is taking him. This new Big Fun 3 project has seven tracks of swinging and hard grooves, with fuzz guitar and heavy organ interplay flowing in and out like a battle between three like minded comrades in musical arms. Big Fun 3.2 indeed !

All tracks written and produced by Bruce Cohen at Nu-Ance Studios. Miami, Florida
Cover Art by Dan Weihnacht

I guess you could call this music jazz, funk, rock, jam, fusion, prog, or all of the above. Let's just call it Big Fun 3 music. Here's a little something about the tracks:

1) Jump Off Point
The name speaks for itself. This track introduces the the new Big Fun 3 sound. A swinging funk piece with fierce guitar and organ interplay.

2) Electroneurosis
This was a lot of fun to record. A jumpy steady groove from the drums. All players in unison and then weaving in and out from each other.

3) Sunday Stroll for taking a nice afternoon walk. A slinky funky beat and bass anchors the track while the organ and guitar playfully trade riffs.

4) Mr. Magus Arrives
Who is Mr. Magus? Let's just say his initials are M.D. Enough said. Once again he was the inspiration for this track. On The Corner? Oh yeah ! Give the guitar some!

5) For J. P.
And now for something completely different. This track is dedicated to one of my favorite musicians, Jimmy Page. It wasn't about the solo for him, it was about the sound. Loved how he could make even a acoustic guitar seem big. Also check out the mellotron on this one and of course, the bongos.

6) Go Ahead, Babe
We let the guitar have all the fun on this one. A heavy rocked out groove with solid bass and organ holding down the sound. Long sustained notes on top are the order of the day.

7) Mr. Magus Departs
This is a sort of reprise of track 4 but this time the organ starts off with what almost sounds like a gospel organ on acid. Then the Hammond lets go for a relentless funk with guitar and organ just having a good old time as Mr. Magus walks off and says good- bye.

Well that's it for now. Big Fun 3 hopes you enjoy listening to these tracks as much as we enjoyed recording it.

about the artist

Big Fun 3 is an improvisation jazz funk trio lead by Hammond organist Bruce Cohen. Formed in the subtropics of Miami, the trio looked to the classic Tony Williams Lifetime and Miles Davis' electric funk era as blueprints. Adding to the mix some King Crimson metal, BF3 has become a revolving entity with Bruce as the anchor.

The latest incarnation of Big Fun 3 has Peter Lucas playing long sustained electric guitar and Tony Foster pounding the grooves on drums and percussion. This version of the trio met and played on the second album 3.2 and continues on intact to this day. Their goal was to take the classic organ trio and turn it on it's ear. As they progressed they have become heavier and harder. Oh, and funkier.

One thing for sure, they have found a home with Ropeadope. Who knows what they will come up with next? But it's been Big Fun times 3.