Artist: Big Fun 3

Album: Big Fun 3

Release Date: 2010-04-19

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about the album

The album, Big Fun 3, was tracked live with all three players in the room so that they could best feed off of each others' input. Bruce played his Hammond XK-1 and Le Spam's B3 through an old tube amp and sometimes through a Leslie cabinet to get that grinding swirlitude. Rik played an assortment of guitars (a 1964 Fender Stratocaster, a 1974 Gibson ES-335, a 1998 Les Paul custom and an Eko acoustic/Ikea table top/Hofner toaster pickup/sitar thing) through a rotating set of analog pedals, old and new, from his collection and that of Le Spam and fed this into a Bogner Duende amplifier that Le Spam captured with a tube microphone for that "special sauce".

Brandon held it down a couple feet away encircled in his Pearl drums and Zildjian cymbals. All three performers were recorded with mics in the room, with some bleed-over between tracks, direct to tape. Each track was typically 30-45 minutes of material that was subsequently converted to digital using a great Apogee converter and then cut into 8-14 minutes tracks during the mixing process in Pro Tools and Logic. Sometimes, BF3 asked Le Spam to smear some Spamulous effects over parts of the track.

Each final track represents an uninterrupted performance within a longer improvisation (BF3 calls these "long pigs"). And so, from many hours of improvisation comes Big Fun 3, the eponymous first release of Miami's heaviest psychedelic nu-jazz trio.

about the artist

Big Fun 3 is an improvisation jazz funk trio lead by Hammond organist Bruce Cohen. Formed in the subtropics of Miami, the trio looked to the classic Tony Williams Lifetime and Miles Davis' electric funk era as blueprints. Adding to the mix some King Crimson metal, BF3 has become a revolving entity with Bruce as the anchor.

The latest incarnation of Big Fun 3 has Peter Lucas playing long sustained electric guitar and Tony Foster pounding the grooves on drums and percussion. This version of the trio met and played on the second album 3.2 and continues on intact to this day. Their goal was to take the classic organ trio and turn it on it's ear. As they progressed they have become heavier and harder. Oh, and funkier.

One thing for sure, they have found a home with Ropeadope. Who knows what they will come up with next? But it's been Big Fun times 3.