Artist: Ajoyo

Album: Benskin

Release Date: 2015-01-27

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about the album

BENSKIN is one of my latest compositions. I came up with the music based on a Cameroonian dance rhythm and spoke to Sarah Charles about the concept of the song. I wanted to target the inequalities that I had witnessed in the recent events in the U.S. so I wrote the first verse:

I long for the day,
My color, my kind,
My gender, my race,
Won't trouble your mind.

Sarah wrote very powerful lyrics and is really shining on this song.

A massive THANK YOU to the musicians how have graced this project with their vision:

Linton Smith trumpet
Alon Albagli guitar
Can Olgun piano
Foluso M percussions
Fred Doumbe bass
Guilhem Flouzat drums
Thierry Arpino drums
Jacques Schwarz-Bart

about the artist

AJOYO is the vision of multi-reed player Yacine Boularès, a mystic brew blending african tradition, jazz and soul.  More than music, it's a joyful ceremony, a fuller experience bringing musicians and audience close together. AJOYO chants in the name of Tony Allen, Oum Khalsoum, Charlie Parker and Donnie Hathaway. Stomping towards you in the eye of the dancer, arms open, horns, bell and bass interwoven like the fabric of a ceremonial dress, AJOYO speaks the language of the talking drum with a New York accent. Yacine Boularès has been playing sax, composing and arranging music for Cameroonian musicians such as former Fela Kuti drummer JOJO KUO, for the late Martino Atangana, for the Haitian Kompa legends Tabou Combo, and for Placido Domingo’s latest album Encanto Del Mar. The project originated in these encounters and influences as Yacine assembled a band that would celebrate joy through music; music for the heart, the mind and the body, the kind that is soulful, sophisticated and that makes people want to dance.  The 8 songs on the album celebrate life, love and justice, and the compositions are blending Cameroonian dance rhythms such as Bikutsi, Mbala and Benskin with jazz feels, originals lyrics and soulful harmonies.