Album: Avant Lounge

Release Date: 2012-07-09

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about the album

Brad Jones is a fan of many different genres of music, specifically Avante Garde Jazz. To show his appreciation for the music, Jones has composed an album covering some of his favorite artist and tracks entitled Avant Lounge. The general sound of the album captures a late 1960's jazz lounge.
Unlike most cover albums, Jones chose to take lesser-known Jazz pieces from artists such as Ornette Coleman, Cecil Taylor and Eric Dolphy and put his own commercial spin on them. He hopes this approach meshes the two worlds of Avant Garde Jazz and late 1960's pop together. For example, Jones said one track on the album sounds like "if James Brown were to cover Cecil Taylor."
The project has been a long time vision of Jones and was influenced by several other genres including rock, jazz, funk, reggae, Caribbean and R&B. Jones hopes the album encourage listeners to go back and listen to the pieces that he covered not only learn more about Avante Garde but to see how he arranged it differently than the original composers.

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