Artist: HUW

Album: Audiography

Release Date: 2014-07-08

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about the album

HUW return with Audiography, a solid selection of downtempo breaks and beats.

Audiography blends acoustic and electronic elements, crafted from homegrown samples, synths, saxes, guitars, and drums. This is audio alchemy designed to light up your senses. We invite you to take a trip with HUW.

about the artist

HUW are brothers Aaron and Mike Dolton.

Both were students at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, where they learned their trade from some of the world's greatest artists. After leaving Liverpool, Aaron's first residency saw him supporting the biggest names in UK Hip Hop, followed by countless studio sessions, and playing clubs and festivals with Leed's regulars 'The Sound of the Baskervilles'. Meanwhile, Mike kept the groove for Blues and Jazz artists in studios and venues across the UK and further afield in Japan.