Album: Aqualude

Release Date: 2013-10-14

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Aqualude sees Lyn joined by several fellow Brooklyn musicians, including guitarist Jonathan Goldberger (of folk-jazz trio Surface to Air), multi-genre cellist Clara Kennedy and jazzers clarinetist Mike McGinnis and drummer Vinnie Sperrazza -- a quintet that Lyn has led at such hip New York venues as Barbes and iBeam. The album echoes with strains of neo-folk, avant-rock and contemporary classical (listen here), but the music also works as a soundtrack to a folk-like narrative that Lyn has written, one that incorporates her extra-musical fascination with the marine world and its inhabitants.
"I have a few obsessions," Lyn says. "There's music, of course -- classical, jazz, rock, folk -- studying it, playing it. From Bach and Irish fiddle tunes to improvisation and my own composing, I'm always digging deeper. But I also have a fixation with swimming and the sea, as well as ecology and environmental issues. Aqualude was inspired by aquatic life, along with daydreams about what life underwater would be like. In the album's narrative, a boy encounters various exotic sea creatures on an adventure in the ocean." Along with violin (and viola) on Aqualude, Lyn plays one of the junkyard doors that were transformed into playable sound sculptures for the Ethan Hawke-directed play Clive. She explains: "They were put into frames and placed around the perimeter of the set, and my job was to score the play as it was happening, with the doors amplified and connected to delay pedals and loop stations. The door that I played on the record has part of a keyboard action and a harmonist pedal attached to it, plus a broken music box. Using tuning forks and an e-bow to play it, I could make sounds that evoke the sea and the story -- fantastical and otherworldly."
Aqualude follows the 2011 release of The Hare Said a Prayer to the Rainbow and Followed the Fox Down the Hole, an album of traditional and original music by Lyn's ongoing duo project with guitarist Kyle Sanna ( Sanna has worked with artists from Yo-Yo Ma and Brooklyn Rider to Edgar Meyer and Chris Thile. This was another recording where the music -- tuneful dances, airs and improvised intermezzi, alternately sophisticated and full of child-like wonder -- evoked a folk-like narrative. None other than top Irish fiddler Kevin Burke called the album "a very innovative recording -- mysterious, playful and charming... From the excellent musicianship and skillfully and fascinating arrangements to the relaxed whimsy of the CD package, the whole project is bursting with creativity, yet still manages to convey a love for simplicity -- a remarkable achievement."

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