Artist: MK Groove Orchestra

Album: Analog Spirit Quest Vol 1

Release Date: 2015-07-24

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about the album

Analog Spirit Quest Vol. 1 is the first release from the collaboration of The Brothers Nylon (Twins Nick and Michael Rufolo) and Michael Kammers (MK Groove Orchestra).

It is the culmination of a year of sessions recording exclusively on the legendary Tascam 388 8 track mixing board which is the first and last of it's kind (an 8 track tape machine with the mixing board and tape all in the same unit).

The album was completely DIY with the collaborators doing all the production themselves and recording at their home studios, Charles Bronxin' Studios (Bronx/Brothers Nylong) and Electric Windowland Studios (Brooklyn/MK)

The collaboration began when Kammers purchased a Tascam 388 and invited the twins over to see if they could fix it.  After being in the studio together for an hour the twins had already fixed the board and the newly formed collective had improvised the rhythm section tracks for the whole album in one long jam that spanned a complete tape.
The next year was spent overdubbing and inviting guest musicians to take part in the project. Each track was done quickly in the heat of the moment deliberately capturing the magical spark of creativity right at it's inception to analog tape. Hence the name.

Thank you for joining us, on our Analog Spirit Quest. This is the first of many volumes. We sincerely hope you enjoy the journey.

Michael Kammers - Saxophones, Flute, Keyboards, whistling, Auxiliary Percussion, Gang vocal, Production.
Michael Rufolo - Drums, Gang Vocals, Percussion, Production.
Nick Rufolo - Bass, Bass Clarinet, Glockenspiel, Auxiliary Percussion, Gang Vocals, Production Guest Musicians:
Lisa Mcquade - Vocals (Cloth of Gold Reprise)
Chris Kuklis - Guitar (Defender of Anti­-Schwag, Cloth of Gold, Day One)
Neeraj Mehta - Congas (Seven Cups, Cloth of Gold Reprise)
Amy Pace - Lyrics (Cloth of Gold Reprise)

about the artist

Syracuse native Michael Kammers has been a creative force in the Brooklyn underground music scene since he moved to New York City in 2001 to attend the New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music. While earning his BFA, Kammers studied with George Garzone, Jane Ira Bloom, Kirk Nurock, Robert Sadin, Bobby Sanabria, and Reggie Workman. His experiences studying at the New School and performing regularly in New York have given him the opportunity to perform and engage with a wide variety of musics that inform his creative voice, including traditional and free jazz, Afro-Cuban, funk, rock, Afrobeat, R+B, Reggae and more.

Active as an educator as well as a bandleader, Kammers developed the MKGO Clinic in 2008. Designed to supplement the traditional jazz curriculum, the clinics introduce students to concepts pioneered by Steve Coleman, Ornette Coleman, Henry Threadgill, and Sun Ra. He teaches privately as well as in large groups.

On top of leading his own projects and teaching Kammers has managed to perform, record and arrange horns for a wide range of artists, recent highlights include performances, tours and/or albums with: Akron/Family (Love Is Sax 2009, Set Em' Wild, Set 'Em Free 2010), The Heavy Pets (Self Titled, 2010 arranger/saxophone.), Burnt Sugar The Arkestra Chamber, The Easy Star All Stars and Reverend Vince and his Love Choir

MK Groove Orchestra -

Founded by Michael in 2002 and comprised of some of New York City's finest musical talents, the MK Groove Orchestra catapults big band tradition into the 21st Century. Drawing on diverse influences, including Jimmy McGriff, Tito Puente, and Sun Ra, MK Groove Orchestra erupts with adventurous original compositions and energetic covers of tunes ranging from Kung Fu movie themes to classic funk, rock, and jazz.

MK Groove Orchestra features Kammers (tenor saxophone, compositions and direction), John Beaty (alto saxophone), Joe Beaty (trombone), Thomas Cummings (guitar), Tatum Greenblatt (trumpet), Tomoaki Kanno (drums), Jonathan Powell (trumpet), Dan Reitz (bass trombone), Abe Seiferth (guitar), Aaron Shafer-Haiss (percussion), Kevin Smith (bass guitar), and Christopher Tordini (bass guitar).

MK Groove Trio -

MK3 is the touring unit of the much larger 13 piece Space Funk Big Band, The MK Groove Orchestra. A mobile laboratory creating and exploring the DNA of the large ensemble, stretching original compositions to their limits, and exploring cover pieces influential to the groups canon, MK3 hits hard and takes no prisoners.

Tomoaki Kanno: Drums
Chris Kuklis: Guitar
Michael Kammers: Saxophone and Farfisa Organ