Artist: HUW

Album: Amplexus

Release Date: 2008-11-11

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about the album

Take one listen to HUW and transport back to the future. the latest ropeadope digital signing takes us across the pond to the midlands of the UK where HUW has been locked up in the studio creating greasy grooves molded from the ghosts of jazz past (think vintage blue note/verve/stax crica 1972) mixed and mashed together with live instruments, loops and DJ spinnings to create all new beginings. go ahead and visit their space and take just one taste of this all original set created with drums, keys, guitars, sax and live electronics in the mix the result? you tell me! okay, okay, i'll tell you - this is music as eclectic and varied as the instruments used to create it - Fusions of Nu Jazz, Electro Funk, Hip Hop and Prog Rock are blended together to keep you chilled out, dancing and smiling in equal measures. is it live? or is it HUW? both. these are two brothers (literally) from the UK that came to play. don't hesitate get on it today.

about the artist

HUW are brothers Aaron and Mike Dolton.

Both were students at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, where they learned their trade from some of the world's greatest artists. After leaving Liverpool, Aaron's first residency saw him supporting the biggest names in UK Hip Hop, followed by countless studio sessions, and playing clubs and festivals with Leed's regulars 'The Sound of the Baskervilles'. Meanwhile, Mike kept the groove for Blues and Jazz artists in studios and venues across the UK and further afield in Japan.