Artist: A Love Electric

Album: A Love Electric

Release Date: 2011-02-13

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about the album

"A Love Electric is possibility and energy. I come from a rock place as a player. I still love Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, and the total madness in noise, even if I'm listening to Charlie Parker, Monk or Wayne Shorter more often these days. When I got my first guitar at 11, I plugged it in and just started scraping, strumming the strings open, shivering at the feedback, and making weird shit go on, but I was told that stuff was not right by early teachers. As time went on, I went from listening to Zappa and King Crimson to Miles Davis, lots of the organ trio blues players like Jimmy Smith, New Orleans music. All that stuff that just has an inherent scream to it, even when played softly," explains Clouser. "On A Love Electric, I present real tunes with melodies and structure, but there's freedom within the written parts to get back to having fun and screaming. Strumming the guitar like I did naturally, with swaths of sound, and just generally a passion to create. What I have to offer at this time in my life is the energy that shakes inside, all the emotion and the oddity which I cannot express in words or relationships. All that was once new was initially regarded as 'out,' 'nasty' and 'evil' from Robert Johnson to Ornette Coleman to electric Miles Davis to electric Dylan. That's the stuff that feels real to me and it's always been that way."

about the artist

A Love Electric is a critically acclaimed rock trio born out of Mexico City's jazz scene. The band is fronted by guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter Todd Clouser. Clouser, Kansas born and Minneapolis grown, moved to Mexico City in 2011 after meeting drummer/producer Hernan Hecht and bassist Aaron Cruz. After stints in rehab in the US, time in Boston, Colorado, Minneapolis, US van tours, and records crossing genres, labels, and success, Clouser saw the opportunity to have a real, democratic band, and jumped at it, moving into a small apartment in the Mexico City neighborhood of Portales to be close to Cruz and Hecht. The results have been prolific and fascinating. The three members of A Love Electric live within a block of each other in Mexico City, a city of 26 million people. Once an instrumental group falling into the jazz genre, A Love Electric has evolved into a vocal fronted rock ensemble while still maintaining the spirit they see as essential to "jazz" : the spirit of discovery, and a dedication to ambitious inquiry. Challenge is what the band embraces, on buses through Northern Africa to indigenous communities in the mountains of the Mexican state of Oaxaca, A Love Electric is out, to discover, cultivate, and share a life of inquiry as the band lives it.